15 Tips for Keeping your Office Organized

Neat and tidy office spaces can inspire confidence with clients. If they walk into your office and see total chaos, they may think twice about doing business with you. Aside from being better for business, an orderly office makes you more productive because there is no wasted time hunting down those important papers or that elusive pen.

Making sure your office is organized does not take forever. A little bit when you have time will make a massive difference. And no, moving piles of paperwork around your desk doesn’t count as tidying up. Let’s get started with the ideas and tips below that will turn your office into a super efficient workstation.


Office Space Organization Made Easy

First Things First – Take everything that isn’t where it should be and put it back where it belongs. Make sure that you have a spot for everything.

Designated spaces – Think about what type of spaces you need. Generally your desk will be the main area. You will need somewhere to keep your supplies (a closet, drawers, shelves or stacking boxes and a filing cabinet or set of shelves where you can keep anything you need to access quickly.

Throw It Away – If it’s broken then get rid of it or get it repaired. If you find something and realize that you haven’t used it for more than a few months, toss it. Make sure that you do a complete purge of your office. It will give you workspace a whole new lease of life. Even that prized fake plant that you have on your desk needs to go if it is looking dusty and shabby.

Labelling – Label everything! From bins to shelves, drawers, baskets and filing cabinets, everything needs a label. Doing this will make it easy for you to find anything that may have been mistakenly claimed by colleagues. When you are looking for a label maker, make sure that it is easy to use.

Keeping It Near – Place things on your desk in the order that they are used. Whatever is used the most, keep it close to you.

Filing System Revision – Most things are stored digitally nowadays, so if you find that you are doubling up on files you may be able to rid yourself of some of the papers that are clogging up your cabinet. Just be sure to regularly back up your computer so that your files are safe.

Meetings and Reminders – Make sure that you have a folder where you can keep track of everything that needs doing. Have a folder for things that can be delegated and another for reports that are to be handed over. Anything that needs to be “discussed later” can have it’s own separate folder so that it doesn’t end up getting in the way of other more important work.

Waiting For A Response – Everything that has been put on hold until somebody else gets around to it needs to be kept in it’s own folder. Be sure to take a look at it every couple of days so that you can chase up anything that needs to be done.

Organize Your Physical Desktop – Now that you have de-cluttered, you can put back the essential items that you uses regularly. Anything else does not belong here. Containers, organizers and trays all help to keep your workspace tidy.


Get A Handle On Your Drawers – Paper clips, erasers and tacks are just a few of the small things that can be put in containers in your drawers. Items like notepads, post-it notes, envelopes and stamps can all be kept together in one drawer. Keep your personal things totally separate in their own drawer space.

Archiving – Completed projects need to be kept separately from anything that is currently being worked on. A folder to hold all the information pertaining to the finished project needs to be filed away together.

When To Discard – Be sure to find out how long each document needs to be kept. If there are no requirements and you know you are finished with it, throw it away or shred it. Be sure to write on paperwork or files when they can be discarded.

Reuse or Recycle – Keep a box discreetly tucked away where you can put all papers that needs to go the recycling bin or be reused as scrap paper.

Clean It Up – Wipe your desk down daily. Dust and rings from your coffee cup are not a good look on your desk. Give it a good wipe down and your workspace will feel much fresher.

Daily Routine – When you are ready to head home for the day, be sure to tidy your desk. This way you will be walking into an organized office space the next day which will make it easier for you to get on with important business.
Making sure that you put that effort in each day to keep your workspace in tip-top order, will ensure that you are more productive and efficient. If you aren’t spending time looking for files or folders you will have more time to get down to business. In the end this will spill over into your private life. No more bringing work home with you or sorting through piles of papers at the end of the day. Your private time will be yours so you can get on with doing what you love instead of worrying about work

It’s All About Simplifying

In today’s world, life is complicated. From work and family commitments to the ever present social media, it can all be too much. If you are struggling to get everything done, it’s time to make a conscious decision. It’s all about simplifying. If you aren’t sure how to get started, here’s a few tips designed to help you simplify your life.


  1. Designate one day a week for shopping.

If your schedule and budget can accommodate this, choose one day a day for all your essential shopping. This includes groceries, toiletries, etc. Yes, you may spend a little bit more in your single trip than you would if you spread it across five trips, but you’ll save effort, time, and even gas.

  1. Don’t wait to start your holiday shopping.

There’s no rule that says you have to wait until November to start on your Christmas shopping. This is something you can do year-round. As an added bonus, you are likely to find some amazing bargains along the way and you can relax in December when everyone else hits the stores in a panic.

  1. Say goodbye to your landline.

If your cell phone or VOIP service use is unlimited, get rid of your home phone. After all, how often do you really use it? You’ll cut your bill and simplify your life.

  1. Automate bill paying and saving.

While you are getting rid of your home phone, take the time to schedule your bills and recurring transactions, such as an IRA deposit, to be done automatically. You’ll save time and won’t be hit by late fees when you forget to pay a bill.

  1. Consolidate your accounts.

It’s also the perfect time to simplify your life by consolidating your banking and saving accounts and roll over your old 401 (k) balances into your current 401(k) or into a qualified IRA. The less paperwork, the better.

  1. Learn to say NO.

Two of the things that makes life so complicated are too many commitments and being overscheduled. If possible, take the opportunity to say “no” and decline projects, obligations, and activities that are just too much to handle right now.

  1. Take the opportunity to clean as you go.

Cleaning as you go can help keep messes from turning into overwhelming nightmares. Taking the time to clean up as you mess up will make things much easier.

  1. Get rid of the clutter.

Physical clutter makes you feel stressed and even depressed. Decluttering your cars, home, and office can make things much more simple. You’ll be able to find the things you are looking for and relax in your chaos free world.

  1. If possible, work from home.

If you have the option of telecommuting, take it. Not only will this reduce how long it takes you to get ready for work, avoid traffic, and decrease your gas costs, but you may even be able to take care of a few household chores throughout the day.

  1. Utilize the cloud for backing up your data.

Do yourself a huge favor and get rid of the nightmare that comes with permanently lost data. Use cloud services to protect your personal files, tax info, work projects, and other important information.

  1. Set personal and professional goals.

Goals help you create a path that directs you toward achievement. Be sure to clarify your goals, so there’s no confusion.

  1. Commit to getting rid of your debt.

Debt definitely complicates life. Simplify your approach to spending and start working on paying down what you owe.

When you are struggling to get through everyday life, it is time to start simplifying things. Using the tips above, you can reclaim your life.

Why I Can’t Live Without the Best Vacuum Cleaner

Woman cleaning her house

Keeping a home fresh and clean comes with many different challenges. Since most people seem to have less and less time to clean up thoroughly, the search for the best tools and equipment has just begun. Therefore, for those of you who like keeping your carpet vacuumed as often as you can, one of the most important factors in doing this job right involves the type of vacuum cleaner that is used in the home. So, if you are just like me, you’d want to know why I can’t live without the best vacuum in the industry. With this in mind, here are a few of the top reasons why the right vacuum is not a luxury, but a necessity for keeping any home tidy.


Best Vacuum Cleaners are Lightweight and Easy to Maneuver Around

One of the primary criteria for choosing the best type of vacuum is its overall design that makes it lightweight. Even though some people may think using a big and heavy product translates to better cleaning, it is not always the case with other people. In fact, there are some lightweight jewels on the market that will make the job much easier whether you’re vacuuming the living room, the hall, the stairway, and other parts of your home. When the vacuum is made of heavyweight steel components, the user will find it difficult to carry it around from place to place without having to use a lot of muscle and energy. Therefore, when starting a job that requires lots of vacuuming, it can be a dreaded task that no one really likes to think about. In these situations, vacuuming can be put off for longer periods of time, and the home’s maintenance can suffer for it. To prevent this from happening, it is simply best to choose the best lightweight model for the entire home.

Protection for Allergy Sufferers

Some people suffer from allergies since they are allergic to different types of substances. While some people may be allergic to dog hair, others may be allergic to dust in the carpeting, on furniture, and in the air. Fortunately, one of the best ways to fight these problems is to keep the home clean and free from dust. Taking on these jobs does not have to be as difficult as most people may think, if the person has the right type of vacuum cleaner and other types of equipment to get the job done. So, choosing the right kind is also critical to the health of people in the home. For example, some models were not made to protect people from these kinds of problems, simply because they pull in the dirt and dust from the carpeting and they can spread it throughout the air in the room. This is because they haven’t been designed with allergy friendly features in mind. On the other hand, there are some that are more conducive to accommodating these needs, and they include the vacuum cleaners that minimize spewing out and emissions while cleaning up. One popular version that people may want to choose is the bagless type.

Strong Suction Capabilities for Getting Things Clean Quickly and Thoroughly


In addition to purchasing an allergy friendly vacuum cleaner, another great feature that is a must is its overall suction capabilities. Because some vacuums are weak in this area, people miss a lot of dirt and debris so the flooring or carpeting collects more and more dust over time. Therefore, for those who want to make sure a thorough job of cleaning the carpeting is achieved, one of the best features to look for in a vacuum cleaner is a strong suction function, enabling the vacuum to suck in virtually anything that is in it’s path in just several seconds or 1 or 2 minutes.

“Why Can’t I Live Without the Best Vacuum Cleaner?” is a question that many people ask. Buying the perfect one does not have to be a difficult undertaking if the person is familiar with what to look for. Lightweight, allergy friendly vacuum capabilities, and strong suction functions are just a few that people all over the globe are looking for today.

How about you? Are there other features you’re looking for in a vacuum? If you’re in search of the right one, feel free to visit http://bestcheapvacuum.club/.  Bestcheapvacuum.club features different types of vacuum and also gives information that will help you decide on which to purchase.